Minho’s High Note

Do you know Minho? No, not the actor Lee Minho, SHINee’s handsome rapper Choi Minho. He’s got a nice low voice, right? Well, he can go pretty high too. SHINee did a variety show called “Hello Baby”. In the show they raise a “baby”; which in this case means a 4 year old named Yoogeun. During one of the episodes SHINee remakes an old Korean story as a present for Yoogeun. Onew is acting as the director and randomly he tells Minho to go up 5 octaves. Surprisingly, and a bit hilariously, Minho does it.

At the end he explains that he was imitating label made TVXQ’s MAX Changmin’s scream in Mirotic. In case you’re unfamiliar with Changmin’s Mirotic scream here’s a 5 minute compilation of his live screams from Mirotic performances. (Don’t feel like you have to watch the whole thing lol)

Below I’ve put a link to the channel that has all of SHINee’s Hello Baby with English subtitles.

Hello Baby English Subtitles


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