BIGBANG is one of the most widely known and most popular groups in K-POP. They’re on one of the big three entertainment companies, YG Ent. and they have over five years of experience. Four out of five have released solo albums and they have one sub group, GD&TOP. With all that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that YG spends as much money on them as they do.

For their new music video for “Love Song” YG spent over $200,000 USD on production. Yea, $200,000 for a four minute video; they really love VIPs don’t they? YG brought in special a camera that has never before been used in Korea and other equipment that is usually only used in Hollywood films. Did I mention they even built their own road? [1]

It’s a pretty straight forward video, and it’s in black and white. (That means GD’s purple hair is disguised) Basically, it’s the members walking/dancing around what appears to be the scene of some kind of explosion or mass car wreck. There’s fire and debris everywhere, but they’re just dancing around unconcerned because, hey, they’re BIGBANG. What makes it really interesting is that it appears to be all one take, but that’s not the case, it’s just the fancy cameras. If you haven’t seen the teasers you’ll probably get caught off guard with TOP’s vocals at the beginning. Who knew BIGBANG’s charismatic rapper could sing? Maybe I’m talking about TOP too much, but something I noticed was how well he dances here compared to how he usually does. It’s not that he usually dances badlt, he just has a style of dancing that’s a bit…stiff? It works well with his charisma rapper image though. ChoomTOP! (If you’re unfamiliar with ChoomTOP I’ve posted a video at the bottom you should see)

I’m sorry, were you surprised by the random car at the end? Yea, I was too.



One Response to “BIGBANG Love Song”

  1. Sonam Pelden Says:

    I love Big Bang forever!!! The biggest VIP here … Love Song was awesome =]

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