Brian Joo’s Amazing Humor

Brian Joo is a solo artist, previously of the duo “Fly To The Sky” which was on SM Entertainment. He’s also part of 3rd Wave Music, which I personally love a lot. He’s a really good singer, and a great person, but I wanted to point something else out: he has amazing humor. He does this, I don’t know, diva girl impression? What ever it is, it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen on variety shows since Jo Kwon’s kkab.

Besides the parts where Brian speaks English I don’t know what’s going on. However, I do know that the part at 2:20 is a “scenario of a foreigner, strolling in Itaewon, who suddenly bumps into a Korean ahjumma.” [1]

Brian and G.NA are both native English speakers, so they were asked to demonstrate their skill. The scenario is that they are arguing over a man. [2]

Some people thought what he did was racist or offensive, and Brian ended up apologizing. [3] I just think it’s funny, and he’s obviously not racist, some people just get offended to easily. I think that rather than live our lives trying not to offend people, we should instead, live without being offended. If we all stopped be offended over little things, we’d be so much more happy.

Also check out his new music video.



One Response to “Brian Joo’s Amazing Humor”

  1. 100 Points Out Of 100 « bekaht2038 Says:

    […] already mentioned this clip before in a previous post about Brian Joo’s humor. [5] But I want to mention it again, because it’s probably my favorite 100 Points Out Of 100 […]

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