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On March 18th Open World Entertainment, home to The BOSS, Jun Jin, Go Ju Won, etc, announced preparations for X-5’s debut. [1] They released two MV teasers then began revealing member profiles. The first member to be revealed was maknae Sulhu. [2]

SULHU (maknae)

Real Name: Kim Jin Wan

Position: Maknae & Rapper

Birthday: September 7, 1995

Height: 188 cm

Blood Type: AB

Former member of Xing (Generation 5)

The next members to be revealed were Zin and Tae Fung. [3]


Real Name: Jin Hyun Jin

Position: Rapper

Birthday: July 20, 1993

Height: 198 cm (tallest)

Blood Type: A


Real Name: Lee Dong Hyn

Position: Lead Vocal

Birthday: April 28, 1991

Height: 185 cm

Blood Type: AB

Tae Fung in English is Typhoon

The last two members to be revealed were leader Ghun and Haewon. [4]


Real Name: Son Hyun Seok

Position: Leader & Vocal

Birthday: November 30, 1989

Height: 183 cm (shortest)

Blood Type: A

Former member of trot group 3Chongsa


Real Name: Jun Hae Won

Position: Vocal

Birthday: June 20, 1991

Height: 186 cm

Blood Type: A

Former member of trot group 3Chongsa

Fluent in English, Japanese, and Russian

Profile Video (it has most of the same info I just shared, but there’s some extra stuff in the video)

X-5’s website has a lot of good stuff on it. http://www.x-five.co.kr/

In late April they held a showcase and participated in an interview. [5]

On April 21, 2011 X-5 released their official MV for “Don’t Put On An Act”, the lead single on their mini-album. [6]

Their mini-album Xenos consists of 5 tracks.

1. Xenos 5

2. Don’t Put On An Act 쇼 하지마

3. Fantasy

4. Don’t Come Near Me 내 눈 앞에 띄지 마

5. Don’t Put On An Act 쇼 하지마 (Instrumental)

On April 22 they debuted on Music Bank with “Don’t Put On An Act”. They also performed “Fantasy”.


Don’t Put On An Act

MR Removed

This is an greeting they did backstage at Music Bank

Open World Ent. revealed that they spent $100,000 USD on X-5’s outfits. The members have an average height of 186 cm, and also have very long limbs, so their company can’t get just any clothes for them. Each member has 10 outfits, each averaging $1,500 – $2,000 USD to produce. [7]

Even though X-5 is a rookie group, they’re already receiving international love calls from countries like Japan, Indonesia, and Singapore. It seems that X-5 may be considering advancement into Japan. [8]

In the May edition of Inkigayo magazine X-5 was chosen as power rookies.

“Inkigayo” commented, “Despite the fact that they have model-like heights and handsome looks, they don’t rely on that at all and opt instead to show their power and charisma through their unique performance style. They’re a ‘poker faced rookie’ that is worthy of attention.” [9]

Here’s the photos from the magazine: (click for larger view)



**Last updated May 3, 2011**


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