Group Name: Boyfriend

Company: Starship Entertainment

Number of Members: 6

This group was first revealed on the variety show Quiz The Changes The World as backup dancers for K.Will. Except that they weren’t really “revealed” as they had masks on the whole time. [1]

Here’s the clip of four members of Boyfriend as K.Will’s backup dancers with English subtitles. The subs are wrong at one point. “…the hosts aren’t saying that they look like SHINee, but they said they look like “shin-in” (신인), which means ROOKIES.” Youtube User: xCaramelSweets

Boyfriend has an average member age of 18 and the member’s names are: Dong Hyun, Jo Young Min, Jo Kwang Min, Noh Minwoo, Seon Ho, and Lee Jung Min. [2]

Members Young Min and Kwang Min are identical twin brothers.

In 2002 the twins appeared in the drama “Saxaphones and Mochi” [3]

Member Noh Minwoo was in K.Will’s music video for “I Can’t Find The Words”. [4]

Minwoo appears at 0:07 – 0:24 – 0:39 – 0:55 – 1:03 – 1:10 – 1:25 – 1:31 – 1:38

On April 16, 2011 Starship’s youtube channel uploaded a video of Minwoo dancing. It even includes the scorpion move, made popular by INFINITE.

Members Young Min, Kwang Min, and Jung Min participated in a photo shoot for CECI magazine.

Kwangmin (Left) Youngmin (Right)

During the interview they were asked to come up with explanations for eight phrases. [5]

“Jung Min’s:

In Common‘: All of the members share in common a tendency to get competitive. They’re always striving to improve themselves in order to not lose.

Opportunity Cost‘: Although they can’t be out and about with their friends, the members revealed that they instead earned singing and dancing skills, which they believe to be the cost of losing a social life.

Rule’: The boys made a promise to always remember to sit at the table and eat breakfast together no matter what.

Partner‘: Jung Min’s favorite senior? Powerful vocalist Insooni. To be able to stand on the same stage as her is his dream.

Role Model‘: He also looks up to none other than Big Bang’s leader, G-Dragon. Thanks to his talented ability of soaring on stage and his musical ideas, Jung Min chose him as someone he looks up to.

Turn the Table’: “We promise to show an amazing stage presence! We hope to become a fresh stimulation to the Korean music industry.”

Kwang Min & Young Min’s:

Motive‘: Twins born on the same day, at the same time. The two grew up as child actors in the 2001 sitcom, “They’re Twins“, and later earned headlines for being Kim Hyun Joong lookalikes on “Truth Game.” Youngmin used to play the younger role of Jang Dong Gun, and later began dreaming of becoming a singer after he caught the attention of the older sister of their casting manager.

Spec‘: “Our fresh youthfulness, which fits so well with Boyfriend’s image, is #1.”

Opportunity Cost‘: Kwangmin revealed that they didn’t have much time to spend with their family because of their rehearsals, but knew that it was a sacrifice that must be made in order to achieve their dreams. Youngmin cutely blurted out, “But I’m your family member too!”

Partner‘: Youngmin revealed, “I think it’d be dream-like to be able to perform a duet with seniorNaul. How wonderful would it be to have vocal talent like him?”

The Ultimate Goal‘: ”We want to become artists that have their skills acknowledged, as well as get our name ‘Boyfriend’ more familiar with the public.””

This video is a teaser for M!Pick and it shows each member and their name.

On May 19, Boyfriend released a teaser for their music video “Water Floor” [6]

On May 22, Boyfriend revealed some album jacket photos! Lucky for us they have the members’ names next to them. [7]

On May 25th Boyfriend released their debut mini-album titled “Boyfriend”. [8]

The album consists of three tracks:

Let’s Get It Started

You & I

and Boyfriend for which there’s a MV.

Boyfriend  will officially debut on May 26, 2011.

**Last updated May 25, 2011**


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  1. GermanGirl♥ Says:

    i ♥ BoyFriend*__*
    KwangMin & YoungMin are so cute>.<
    kiss kiss^___^

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    i love!!!!! jeongmin!!! saranghamnida oppas!!i love boyfriend so much!!!

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    Hai….. Ni alamat e_mail ku yang baru….

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    I’m allways your’s Love BoyFriends…..

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    Min woo oppa ».«

    I LOVE HIM «3!!

  8. Jannah Annah Says:

    i like this group…..

  9. 2011 New Boy Groups « bekaht2038 Says:

    […] Boyfriend – May 26th, 2011 […]

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