Block in 2012

One of my favorite groups: Block B recently came back. I can’t say how excited I am and how pleased I am with their improvement since their debut not quite a year ago.

Debut year is extremely important for a group. However, I feel like in some ways 2011 was a wasted year for Block B. They started out great with their debut single then mini album. They did many other activities as well such as MTV Match Up, which was fantastic. The second half of the year we saw nothing new from Block B and this was a huge mistake. I’m not an expert on how the group spends their time but I feel like they spent way too much time over seas. A group should establish themselves in their home country first. Block B knows this, but for some reason they had a lot of overseas schedules. Maybe this wasn’t the cause, but I feel like Zico didn’t have as much time as he needed and so we got no new music. They gave up the chance to receive awards that can only be received once as well as the chance to establish themselves well in Korea from the get go. This year I’d like to see better marketing, more music, and more domestic appearances.

I’m not an expert but this is how I’d like this year to go. New year – comeback with mini album (done). spring – follow up single. Summer – mini album. Fall – Taeil solo ballad or a Taeil and Jaehyo duet. Early winter – full album with title and follow up tracks to finish off the year. It would be hard but I think it can be done and needs to be done in order to bring them back to where they need to be among their peers. I would also like to see Zico try some songs that are vocals based with Taeil and Jaehyo doing the main parts. I love what he makes, but Block B has 7 members and I’d like to see their talents utilized. A ukwon/bbomb unit would also be interesting. Maybe some dance/electro stuff? Block B is a group that has tons of potential and I don’t want one drop to be wasted. I hope they continue to mature and step outside their comfort zones. On a more selfish note: a Block B & BAP collab would make my life. You know you want one too!

Block B – Nanrina MR Removed


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