Best MR Removed (Live) Boy Groups

This will just focus on boy GROUPS, so I didn’t include

soloists: because they’re all by themselves,

bands: because they don’t have to dance while they sing, and most only have 1-2 members singing, or

sub-groups: because they’re already part of a group.

I picked the 10 groups that I thought sang the most and best live. Then I chose the best two MR removed songs from each group. Based on those two songs I decided what order of the top 10 using a points scoring system based on (1) the amount of the song sung live, and (2) the quality of each member’s voices.

The following are, in my opinion, the top 10 music recording removed (live) groups.


Wrong Number

The MCs at the beginning are a bit annoying, they seem to be imitating someone. However, as soon as Xiah Junsu opens his mouth one forgets about the MCs and is captivated by his perfect live vocals. The rest of TVXQ, as expected, is practically flawless live. Who needs a back track when your live vocals sound exactly the same as the CD version? Not only were their vocals perfect, but they sang the entire song, start to finish, not missing a word. There is no doubt in my mind that TVXQ deserves to be number one on this list.

Rising Sun

I would have really liked to find an MR removed version of a DB5K song, but maybe because removing the music recording is a fairly new thing there aren’t any. Even so, HoMin still put on an amazing performance. Admittedly, it’s not as flawless as Wrong Number, but it’s still one of the best MR removed performances I’ve seen. These two have been performing for a long time, and their expertise shines through their great live vocals. They never let their dancing effect their singing, which is really amazing with some of those moves. I love how they really get into their performance too. They aren’t just doing the choreography, they’re really dancing, if that makes sense.

Other TVXQ MR Removed Performances:

Before You Go

Keep Your Head Down (Why)

2. SHINee


SHINee is a group that most people already know is amazing live.  Jonghyun and Onew have amazing voices, and the other members are pretty good as well. Not only do they sing 99% of the song live, but they do it very well. Onew and Jonghyun even sing their background parts during Minho’s rap at the end.


You’d think that with a song like Lucifer the choreography would get in the way of the vocals a lot more than SHINee lets it. Even with the complicated choreography they still sing the entire thing live, excluding a few words here and there. Jonghyun and Onew in particular were very impressive. Key’s voice at 2:25 “cracked” or was strained a bit, but other than that he was pretty good, and SHINee totally deserves their spot on this list.

Other SHINee MR Removed Performances:






BEAST sang the entire song, missing nothing, which is not surprising as there was no choreography to get in the way. It really showcases the amazing vocals of Yoseop, Kikwang, and Hyunseung, as well as showing that the other members have pretty decent vocals. During the performance one might forget they are actually watching a MR removed performance, it was really great.


BEAST really has some great singers, Hyunseung almost made it into BIGBANG, Kikwang used to be a solo artist, and I’m pretty sure Yoseob just dropped from vocal heaven. Except for some parts, particularly the chorus, they sang the entire song. Yoseob’s cute shout out to their fanclub B2UTY was a nice touch. It’s no surprise BEAST is so high on this list.

Other BEAST MR Removed Performances:


Bad Girl




4. The BOSS 

Admiring Boy

I feel like The BOSS is one of the most underrated groups in Kpop. This is their debut song, and their actual first broadcast performance was only the day before this. I find it amazing that a group with only one broadcast under their belt was able to give such a high quality performance; they didn’t skip a word, but sang everything live. Mika’s voice is practically perfection, and the other members are great vocalists as well. They’re cute, they can dance, and they sing amazingly well. What more do you want?

Stumble Stumble

The BOSS sings less of this song live, the most notable parts being the “oh oh oh oh” part during the chorus and some of the echos. However, most of it is live, and they do a really amazing job, I’d say this is almost CD quality. The BOSS is becoming popular in Japan, but I wonder why they’re so underrated in Korea. They’re very good vocally, and dance pretty well too.

Other The BOSS MR Removed Performances:

No One, Anyone

5. Dalmatian

The Man Opposed

Dalmatian is another underrated group. This was completely live, and the vocals were great too. Dalmatian has three very good rappers, who also do all of their parts. I think I’m in love with Jisu’s voice. How he can sing that high and not sound like an adolescent is beyond me. Something about Youngwon’s voice seems slightly off, but it might just be me. In all this was great, and I wish that Korea would love Dalmatian more because they certainly deserve it.

Round 1

This was their debut stage, which I find incredible, as they sang the entire song live, and not only that, they sounded good while doing it. All three of their rappers are nearing 30 years old, but you wouldn’t know it with the energy they display on stage. Honestly, I thought they were in their early twenties like the rest of the group until I looked it up. Also, you’ve got to give them credit for even doing the “woof woof woof” parts. Jisu sounds just like the CD, and his part at around 3:00 was very impressive.

Other Dalmatian MR Removed Performances:

Lover Cop

6. Infinite

Can You Smile

This song shows that Infinite isn’t a group that can only dance, and even their rappers can sing. Dongwoo sounds a bit shaky at the beginning, but the others are really great. Even the maknae, Sungjong, who usually keeps his live singing to a minimum does really well. I like his voice a lot, and I hope that he will sing more in Infinite’s future songs. Infinite has some very strong vocalists, and I feel like Sungkyu’s voice may almost be better than the recorded version. Hoya is very talented in that he’s both a great rapper and singer. While Dongwoo’s singing here wasn’t perfect, his rapping shines. The end of this performance is great, at 2:40 and 2:51 I was shocked and amazed. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though, as it’s well known that Sungkyu has great vocal talent.

Before The Dawn

This song’s choreography is the kind that might interfere with singing, and it does in places. However Infinite still sings quite a bit of this live. Their vocals are very impressive, my only complaint is maknae Sungjong. I like his voice so much, I wish he would sing with more confidence. During the chorus after their scorpion move they sing less than in previous choruses, but that may be directly related to the scorpion move and the freestyle dances that come after it. I think Infinite is usually recognized for their great dancing ability and synchronization, but it should also be known that they have impressive vocals as well.

Other Infinite MR Removed Performances:

Nothing’s Over

Come Back Again


Love Song 

TOP is someone who is known for his incredible rapping, but here he sings, and it’s actually pretty nice. He’s not a powerful singer, but has a quiet and relaxing voice. Daesung and Taeyang, as expected are powerful and CD quality. I’m not really in love with how G-Dragon sounds on the chorus, it’s not really singing, and it’s not really rap. Seungri proves why he’s called “Strong Baby”, and though it has nothing to do with vocal talent, I want to point out that he looks really nice in a suit. TOP comes in near the end with his golden rapping. Taeyang really owned this song, as I’m pretty sure he had the most lines. They only missed a few lines in the entire song, it was mostly just the “Oh”s on the chorus reason being that they needed their hands for the choreography.


G-Dragon not only sounds great, but his English is pretty impressive. With rappers like G-Dragon and TOP there’s no way you could dislike BIGBANG. Not only that but Taeyang and Daesung are amazing vocalists. Seungri has really improved throughout the years, and now his vocals are really nice. The chorus was a annoying to me. When they sing “tonight, tonight, tonight, tonight” it seems like they’re all on different pages. On the CD it’s autotuned and in the live it just doesn’t sound all that great. They sing almost all the song live, except G-Dragon doesn’t sing his part near the end because he’s too busy smashing guitars. BIGBANG is an extremely talented group, one of my favorites actually, and it’s no wonder they’re as popular as they are.

Other BIGBANG MR Removed Performances:

Stupid Liar

What Is Right


Somebody To Love


Oh Yeah

Mir’s rapping is probably one of my favorite things ever, and he sounds just like the CD. I knew GO was a really good vocalist, but I didn’t realize Lee Joon had such a great voice. I’d always thought of him as more of a dancer and visual, but he’s actually pretty good vocally as well. Leader Seungho’s live vocals don’t fail to impress either. Thunder’s rapping is a bit lacking here compared to how good he is now, but it’s still pretty decent. They don’t miss much except a few “oh yea”s, but that can be attributed to some of the choreography.


All of them sound just great here, Thunder has really improved. They don’t sing the “try” parts, but that’s because they’re dancing and jumping, so that can be forgiven. GO’s voice at 1:20 – 1:25 sounds a bit raspy, and  it comes out a few more times during the performance. During this time Mir was recovering from back surgery so he didn’t participate in the choreography, but it was nice to see him do his rap, which Thunder actually performed in later performances. I like MBLAQ a lot, sometimes their choreography gets in the way of their singing, but one can still tell that they are good vocalists.

Other MBLAQ MR Removed Performances:

Y (Why)


G.O.O.D Luv

9. ZE:A 


This is another group who did amazing on their debut stage. They have nine members, and most of them sing well, there are a few who aren’t great, but they’re not bad enough to be called people who can’t sing. They sang the entire song live, which as I said before, is impressive for a debut stage. For all nine members to sing and dance at the same time is pretty splendid. There’s a lot of English in this song, and they pronounced it very well, a few of them actually speak fluent English, so I guess that’s not a huge surprise.

Here I Am

They didn’t sing parts here and there, but they sang most of the song. I usually think that groups this large can’t all be great singers, but in reality, almost all of ZE:A’s members have pretty good voices. Kevin, maknae Dongjoon, and Leader Junyoung are the three that really stick out though. I hope they keep the cute and romantic concept, as it fits them quite well.

Other ZE:A MR Removed Performances:

All Day Long

10. U-KISS


New members Hoon and AJ are both very talented and make a great addition to the group. Soohyun has an amazing voice and you can tell he really loves to sing; he’s far to underrated in my opinion. Dongho, who previously had maybe two lines per song, now has an entire rap, and I’m very impressed with his ability. Kevin is always amazing, I can’t describe how much I enjoy his voice. Overall the entire performance sounds almost exactly like the recorded version. It surprises me that U-KISS isn’t super famous in Korea. They’re well known in other countries, but for some strange reason they’ve yet to even win an award in Korea. Their live talent is really great, and I hope they win something in the near future.

Round and Round

Kevin and Soohyun’s voices are so great, I’d really like to see them both get solo albums. Kibum’s voice isn’t bad, but I don’t love it either. He sings his entire part and does it with confidence, so I’ll give him that. The entire chorus is silent, as it involves choreography that makes it practically impossible to bring the mic up to one’s mouth. Alexander does well on his rap and Dongho’s three seconds aren’t bad either. What is it with U-KISS and not giving Kiseop or Dongho any lines?

Other U-KISS MR Removed Performances:

What’s This

Am I That Easy


Honorable Mentions:

Super Junior obviously has very good live vocals. However, I found only two MR removed performances, and I don’t think that’s enough to really secure them a spot in this list. They’re defiantly a group who displays exceptional live vocals though.


F.Cuz is really quite amazing live. They can sing and dance at the same time. However, they only have two MR removed performances that I could find, so I didn’t think it would be fair to put them on this list based on just two performances.

Midnight Sun

SS501 is a very well loved group and I really wanted to put them on here. However, while some of their MR performances were close to CD quality, some were not so great. Regardless, I couldn’t go without mentioning them.

Love Like This

I’ve heard that 2AM is good MR removed, but I couldn’t find any videos of them.

Which groups do you think are the best live/MR Removed?

Boy Idol Group Blood Types

I included x-members because….

1. It makes it easier to find them in the list.

2. I’m someone who can’t accept reality. lol

Members with * next to them are former members.


Baekkyoung: B

Jinhwan: B

Danny: O

Teddy: O


JoKwon: A

Changmin: A

Seulong: O

Jinwoon: O


Junsu: A

Junho: A

Wooyoung: B

Chansung: B

Taecyeon: AB

Nichkhun: O

*Jaebum (Jay Park): A


Jinyoung: A

Gongchan: A

Sandeul: A


Baro: B


Doojoon: A

Kikwang: A

Hyungseung: B

Yoseob: B

Dongwoon: A

Junhyung: O


G-Dragon: A

Seungri: A


Taeyang: AB

Daesung: O


Zico: O

Taeil: AB

B-Bomb: A

U-Kwon: A

Jaehyo: A

Park Kyung: B

P.O: B


Jay: A

Mika: B

Karam: B

Injun: O

Hyunmin: O


Jungshin: A

Minhyuk: A

Yonghwa: A

Jonghyun: O


Drama (Daniel): A

Inati: B

DayDay: B

Jisu: B

Dari: AB

Youngwon: AB


LeeU: A

Jinon: B

Kan: B

Yejun: B


*Brian Joo: A

*Hwanhee: B


Minhwan: A

Jaejin: A

Jonghun: A

Hongki: AB

Seunghyun: O

*Oh Wonbin: O


*Kyesang: A

*Andrew: B

*Taewon: B

*Danny: O


*Jaewon: A

*Kangta: B

*Heejun: B

*Tony Ahn: O

*Woohyuk: O


Dongwoo: A

Sungjong: A

Sungkyu: A

Sungyeol: B

Woohyun: B

Hoya: AB

L: O






Seungho: A

Lee Joon: A


Thunder: A

Mir: A


Shorry J: A

Sangchu: AB





Key: B

Minho: B

Taemin: B

Jonghyun: AB

Onew: O


*Hyesung: A

*Minwoo: A

*Eric: B

*Junjin: B

*Andy: O

*Donwan: O


Kyujong: A

Hyunjoong: B

Jungmin: O

Youngsaeng: O

Hyungjoon: O


Leeteuk: A

Sungmin: A

Donghae: A

*Hankyung (Hangeng): B

Siwon: B

Kibum: O, A, B (It’s seems to be different everywhere I look)

Kyuhyun: A

Heechul: AB

Yesung: AB

Kangin: O

Shindong: O

Eunhyuk: O

Ryeowook: O


Henry: AB

Zhou Mi: B


L.Joe: A

Niel: A

Changjo: B

Chunji: B

Ricky: AB



Hanbi: B

*Yunhwa: AB

Chanyang: O

Jun: O

Minchul: O


Junyong: A

Sunyong: A

Hanjun: B

Sunwoong: B

Younghun: B

*Dabin: B

*Minseok: B


Typhoon: B

X-Mas: O

*Attack: O

*Rose: O


Yunho: A

Changmin: B

Junsu: B

Jaejoong: O

Yoochun: O


Soohyun: A

Kiseop: A

Dongho: B

Kevin: O

Eli: O

*Alexander: O

*Kibum: O

Hoon: A




Zin: A

Ghun: A

Haewon: A

Sulhu: AB

Taefung: AB


Junyoung: A

Kevin: A

Kwanghee: A

Taehun: A

Siwan: B

Heechul: B

Minwoo: B

Dongjoon: B

Hyungshik: AB

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Respecting Kpop Idols

Now, I could go into a huge, long rant about how idols are people too and we need to respect their privacy by not stalking them or putting pressure on them to be prefect, you know personal life stuff. However, I wanted to focus mostly on stage incidents that occurred this year.

It’s common sense to most people, but some don’t realize that you can’t throw things at idol stars.

1. Don’t throw things at people in general.

2. They’re performing. They will not have time to react to/catch what is being thrown.

3. You could injure them.

There are more reasons, but I’m going to assume you’re mature enough to realize that throwing things at people is not a good idea.

There have been some other incidents this year as well. For example, someone ran on stage and attempted to kick Wheesung, and in the same week Girls’ Generation’s (SNSD) Taeyeon was almost pulled off stage by a man.

Here’s videos of some of the incidents that occurred this year.

Yesung gets hit in the eye by a chilli pepper during Super Junior’s Super Show 3 in Singapore. [1] (Incident occurs at 0:29)

Heechul gets hit in the face by a placard during Super Junior’s Super Show 3 in Shanghai, causing him to receive a cut just below his eye. [2] (Incident occurs around 0:06)

On the show “Night By Night” Bigbang’s Seungri once revealed that TOP had had sunflower seeds thrown at him by a fan. The fan yelled, “Always remember me!” Then threw a handful of the seeds at TOP. Even if he does remember that fan, he’s not going to have any positive memories associated with her, or want to be her friend after that, so what’s the point? Later, TOP asked the fan why she threw them and the fan said that once she’d seen a story about a fan slapping Kang Dong Won during a fan signing and that he’d remembered that fan, so she wanted to be remember too. TOP asked her not to do it again, but other fans found out and also began throwing presents and asking to be remembered. [3] Idol stars are human too. Think about it. If some random person slaps you, you’ll probably remember it, but if you ever see that person again would you want to talk to them, or get to know them? No. They’ll just be that rude person you don’t even know. I’d rather not be remembered at all than be remembered as that rude fan who threw something at my favorite idol star. I know some fans may be a bit young, but even so, we should all be mature and realize that idols need to be treated with respect.

Singer Wheesung got attacked by someone, though I’m assuming he wasn’t a fan, it’s still a good example of disrespect.

“On April 19th,  a representative from Wheesung’s agency made a statement, “At the time, a man went up to the stage and attacked Wheesung. He considered it as just a minor incident and responded to it calmly and completed his performance.”

The representative continued angrily, “Thankfully, Wheesung was not injured but we did not receive any words of apology from the broadcasting company in charge of the performance. It was not an informal event; it was a rather big performance hosted by a broadcasting company and we wonder why the security was so loose. All singers, not just Wheesung, are participating in minor events around the nation but their security is compromised due to this lackadaisical environment.”

While Wheesung was performing “With Me” on April 8th, the assailant calmly walked onto the stage and tried to kick the singer. Though it was obviously a jarring moment, Wheesung was able to regard the incident in a cool manner, and managed to showcase his professionalism by finishing his performance.” [4]

On April 17th, towards the end of SNSD’s performance of “Run Devil Run“, a male audience member jumped on stage and attempted to take Taeyeon off stage with him. The other members were confused and caught off guard, probably scared too, but Sunny reacted well and tried to stop him. Comedian Oh Jung Tae managed to stop the man long enough for security to intervene.

“A representative of SM Entertainment stated after the incident, “During the latter part of the event, there was an unexpected accident. Taeyeon, however, handled the matter bravely, and security staff prevented the situation from becoming more severe. At first, the audience and concert representatives all thought that a staff member was going on stage. After the concert, SNSD returned back to their dorms and are currently resting. We’re glad that the incident did not escalate into something more severe.”’ [5]

BIGBANG wants to be your boyfriend

This was just posted on youtube, but it’s actually from August 2007. The back story is that TOP was asked to say one of his lines from a drama he was in called “I Am Sam”. The rest of BIGBANG was also asked to say the line. TOP says it like it is in the drama, but a few of the others add their own twist.

I think GD’s reaction after he says it is really funny. I’m not sure if he’s impressed with himself or just really embarrassed. =)

BIGBANG Stupid Liar

I love this song. I really like the outfits for this performance. G-Dragon has stopped wearing skirts and he covered up his purple hair, so I’m happy. Honestly, I really like G-Dragon, but sometimes, our fashionista goes a little overboard. =)

PS. Does anyone else love the way they say stupid? Is that stupid of me to love that?

MR Removed version: They sounds great and it’s about 95% live, so they did really well. The choreography gets in the way some.


BIGBANG is one of the most widely known and most popular groups in K-POP. They’re on one of the big three entertainment companies, YG Ent. and they have over five years of experience. Four out of five have released solo albums and they have one sub group, GD&TOP. With all that I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that YG spends as much money on them as they do.

For their new music video for “Love Song” YG spent over $200,000 USD on production. Yea, $200,000 for a four minute video; they really love VIPs don’t they? YG brought in special a camera that has never before been used in Korea and other equipment that is usually only used in Hollywood films. Did I mention they even built their own road? [1]

It’s a pretty straight forward video, and it’s in black and white. (That means GD’s purple hair is disguised) Basically, it’s the members walking/dancing around what appears to be the scene of some kind of explosion or mass car wreck. There’s fire and debris everywhere, but they’re just dancing around unconcerned because, hey, they’re BIGBANG. What makes it really interesting is that it appears to be all one take, but that’s not the case, it’s just the fancy cameras. If you haven’t seen the teasers you’ll probably get caught off guard with TOP’s vocals at the beginning. Who knew BIGBANG’s charismatic rapper could sing? Maybe I’m talking about TOP too much, but something I noticed was how well he dances here compared to how he usually does. It’s not that he usually dances badlt, he just has a style of dancing that’s a bit…stiff? It works well with his charisma rapper image though. ChoomTOP! (If you’re unfamiliar with ChoomTOP I’ve posted a video at the bottom you should see)

I’m sorry, were you surprised by the random car at the end? Yea, I was too.


Best Boy Group Vocal?

Who is the best Korean boy group singer? There are so many groups, and most of them have great vocals. However, some stand out because of their amazing or superior vocal abilities. I’ve listed what I think are the best of the best. I decided not to include groups like TVXQ, SS501, Shinhwa, H.O.T., or g.o.d because to me they’re already legends, and are established in the minds of people as having great vocals.

Watch the videos, and vote in the poll at the bottom…or don’t, your call.

BEAST Yoseob

Thank You – Live

Still With You – Pre-Debut

A Good Man – Rehearsal Clip


This Is The Moment – Live

Vocal Collection 2006-2010


Cracks Of My Broken Heart – Live

Don’t Wanna Try – Live

The Boss (DN-A) Mika

Billionaire – Live In The Dorm (?)

Down – Also Live…In The Dorm

Dalmatian Jisu

Love You, I Love You – Starry Night Radio

IU’s Good Day & 3 High Notes

FT Island Hongki

Song Cuts (Some Live, Some Album)

Love Love Love – Live

Infinite Sungkyu

One Late Night In 1994 – Live

Gone – Live

MBLAQ GO (Byunghee)

Stupid (미련) – Live

You Are My Lady – Live With Jung Yup

SHINee Jonghyun

Nothing Better – Live

Baby Baby – Live

Hot Times High Notes – Live

Super Junior KRY (Sorry, I couldn’t pick just one)

The One I Love – Live

Kyuhyun – That Man – Live

Ryeowook – Smile Again – Live

Yesung – It Has To Be You – Live

U-KISS Kevin

More Than Words – BS Japan

In Your Hands – MV

2AM Jo Kwon

Concert Cuts

Can You Hear Me – Live

2PM Junsu

I Have A Love – Live

You Are Not Alone – Live

Who do you think is the best?