“Old” Idol Stars Who Look Young

Is it just me or do Koreans not age? I hope you don’t take that in a racist way, because I’m certainly not a racist. I’ve just noticed a lot of Korean Idol Stars who are at, very close to, or over 30, could pass for 25 or younger. There are tons of idols who are in their twenties who look like teenagers, but if I made that list it’d be way too long. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon is 22 but when he acts cute he looks young enough to be 18. BEAST’s Yoseob is 21, but one of my friends thought he was 17, and I won’t even start on Super Junior. Anyway, for those who are within a year of 30 or over there’s a shorter list. Actually, I’m sure there’s more, but I haven’t been into Kpop long enough to really know older idol groups very well. Now that I’ve given more than enough explanation, I’ll begin with the actual article.

Rain (비)

Birthday: June 25, 1982 (will be 29 this year)

Rain debuted as a singer in 2002, and has since released seven albums. He’s been in four dramas, playing a lead role in all of them. He’s also been in three movies, two of which are US films. He has equal amounts of charisma and aegyo, which I find pretty impressive. He’s a singer, dancer, model, actor, designer, and businessman. If I was him, I’d have grey hair by now, but he still looks as young as ever.

K.Will (케이윌)

Birthday: December 30, 1981 (will be 30 this year)

K.Will debuted in 2006 as a singer, but he’s also a vocal coach, dancer, composer, and actor. He’s released two full length albums, and two, eight track mini-albums, as well as contributing to 11 OSTs, and doing close to 20 collaborations. People like Rain, JYP, and actor Lee Minho have complimented K.Will’s amazing voice. He’s accomplished and experienced a lot, but his face doesn’t show how long he’s lived.

Dalmatian Inati (이나티)

Birthday: March 6th, 1981 (30)

Inati is one of the three rappers in rookie group Dalmatian that debuted in late 2010. The other two rappers Dari and Day Day are 26 and 27 respectively, but the other three members are all within a year of 20. Maybe it’s their youth that keeps Inati looking young. He also has a very sweet and fun personality, so perhaps that contributes to his young looks as well.

Brian Joo (브라이언)

Birthday: January 10, 1981 (30)

Brian debuted with idol group Fly To The Sky back in 1999, releasing eight albums. In 2006 he began solo activities, and has released three albums thus far. He’s also part of the Christian group, 3rd Wave. Since he released an album recently he was on variety shows. His personality is really nice. He’s very witty, and has good humor. In another post, (Brian Joo’s Amazing Humor)  I gave a few examples of his great humor. Maybe because he acts younger than his age, he also looks younger as well?

Tony Ahn (토니안)

Birthday: June 7, 1978 (will be 33 this year)

Tony Ahn debuted in 1996 as part of the legendary idol group H.O.T. He completed his army duty in late 2010 and is now promoting as a solo artist. He is also CEO of TN Entertainment, which is likely to be releasing a rookie group in the latter part of this year. (2011 New Boy Groups) He’s a very lively and cute person, even though he’s one of the oldest idols I know of. I was surprised when I saw his promotional pictures for “Top Star” because he looks younger than he did in his H.O.T days! I think that the 32 year olds I know need to be like Tony Ahn, but most of them think they’re too mature to act cute and silly.

I’ve come to realize that all these idols have very fun and cute personalities. I guess Proverbs 17:22 is right, “A cheerful disposition is good for your health…” (Message Version) So have fun, and laugh a lot, maybe it will keep you looking young. If not, it will at least keep you happy.

Boy Idol Group Blood Types

I included x-members because….

1. It makes it easier to find them in the list.

2. I’m someone who can’t accept reality. lol

Members with * next to them are former members.


Baekkyoung: B

Jinhwan: B

Danny: O

Teddy: O


JoKwon: A

Changmin: A

Seulong: O

Jinwoon: O


Junsu: A

Junho: A

Wooyoung: B

Chansung: B

Taecyeon: AB

Nichkhun: O

*Jaebum (Jay Park): A


Jinyoung: A

Gongchan: A

Sandeul: A


Baro: B


Doojoon: A

Kikwang: A

Hyungseung: B

Yoseob: B

Dongwoon: A

Junhyung: O


G-Dragon: A

Seungri: A


Taeyang: AB

Daesung: O


Zico: O

Taeil: AB

B-Bomb: A

U-Kwon: A

Jaehyo: A

Park Kyung: B

P.O: B


Jay: A

Mika: B

Karam: B

Injun: O

Hyunmin: O


Jungshin: A

Minhyuk: A

Yonghwa: A

Jonghyun: O


Drama (Daniel): A

Inati: B

DayDay: B

Jisu: B

Dari: AB

Youngwon: AB


LeeU: A

Jinon: B

Kan: B

Yejun: B


*Brian Joo: A

*Hwanhee: B


Minhwan: A

Jaejin: A

Jonghun: A

Hongki: AB

Seunghyun: O

*Oh Wonbin: O


*Kyesang: A

*Andrew: B

*Taewon: B

*Danny: O


*Jaewon: A

*Kangta: B

*Heejun: B

*Tony Ahn: O

*Woohyuk: O


Dongwoo: A

Sungjong: A

Sungkyu: A

Sungyeol: B

Woohyun: B

Hoya: AB

L: O






Seungho: A

Lee Joon: A


Thunder: A

Mir: A


Shorry J: A

Sangchu: AB





Key: B

Minho: B

Taemin: B

Jonghyun: AB

Onew: O


*Hyesung: A

*Minwoo: A

*Eric: B

*Junjin: B

*Andy: O

*Donwan: O


Kyujong: A

Hyunjoong: B

Jungmin: O

Youngsaeng: O

Hyungjoon: O


Leeteuk: A

Sungmin: A

Donghae: A

*Hankyung (Hangeng): B

Siwon: B

Kibum: O, A, B (It’s seems to be different everywhere I look)

Kyuhyun: A

Heechul: AB

Yesung: AB

Kangin: O

Shindong: O

Eunhyuk: O

Ryeowook: O


Henry: AB

Zhou Mi: B


L.Joe: A

Niel: A

Changjo: B

Chunji: B

Ricky: AB



Hanbi: B

*Yunhwa: AB

Chanyang: O

Jun: O

Minchul: O


Junyong: A

Sunyong: A

Hanjun: B

Sunwoong: B

Younghun: B

*Dabin: B

*Minseok: B


Typhoon: B

X-Mas: O

*Attack: O

*Rose: O


Yunho: A

Changmin: B

Junsu: B

Jaejoong: O

Yoochun: O


Soohyun: A

Kiseop: A

Dongho: B

Kevin: O

Eli: O

*Alexander: O

*Kibum: O

Hoon: A




Zin: A

Ghun: A

Haewon: A

Sulhu: AB

Taefung: AB


Junyoung: A

Kevin: A

Kwanghee: A

Taehun: A

Siwan: B

Heechul: B

Minwoo: B

Dongjoon: B

Hyungshik: AB

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100 Points Out Of 100

The show ‘100 Points Out Of 100’ started airing on November 27, 2010, replacing KBS’s long running show ‘Star Golden Bell’. ‘100 Points Out Of 100’ aired a pilot episode on October 30, under the name ‘Oh! My School’. [1] The MCs are Park Myung Soo, Park Kyung Lim, Tony Ahn, and Kim Shin Young. [2]

I’ve yet to find this show with subtitles so I’m not sure what it’s all about. However, it seems that it’s a show for idols to show their talents, perform challenges, and just have fun.  Even without knowing exactly what the show is about, I can still say I love it because of all the funny moments. I’ll share some of my favorites in chronological order.

This one happened because Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and SHINee’s Minho were doing a mission to improve their teamwork. I wouldn’t choose this way to improve teamwork, but they decided to play a prank on FT Island’s Hongki. They recruited Eunseo, Shin Soyool, and Girl’s Day’s Minah to act as girls who were fighting over Hongki.

“With the managers help, actress Shin So Yool first went into Hongki’s room and began talking to him as if they knew each other. “Hongki! It’s nuna! Your room hasn’t changed one bit. It’s exactly the same.” Confused, Hongki stood up and looked at the actress in bewilderment. Before he could say anything, Minah charged in and said, “Oppa, what are you doing? Who is this girl?” While the two girls were fighting with each other, Hongki had his lower body wrapped completely in his blanket, and confessed that he didn’t have any pants on. Just as the two girls asked him to choose just one girl, Hongki said, “Since when did I have two girlfriends?” Eunseo then entered the scene and exclaimed, “You said I was your only girl!” Minho then comes to save the day, with whom Hongki embraces tightly in his arms. Lastly, Eunhyuk walks in and shouts, “What are you guys doing in his dorm! Did you bring girls in your dorm again?!'” [3]

At the end of the clip the pranksters wake up FT Island members Minhwan and Seunghyun as well. Is it just me or is FT Island really cute when they first wake up?

This next 100 Points Out Of 100 moment isn’t as funny as it is just plain impressive. There’s a game Koreans play where they flick each other in the forehead. It’s a punishment type game and it’s usually used if someone loses in Rock Paper Scissors. SHINee’s Onew is known for his skill at this game. One time I saw him flick someone and their forehead became red immediately. In this clip Onew is challenged to crack a walnut with his finger flicking power, which he easily accomplishes. This causes the rest of the cast to be shocked and amazed. BEAST’s Yoseob, MBLAQ’s GO, and Supreme Team’s Simon D also attempt to break a walnut but all fail with pained expressions. [4]  I also tried this the other day, and my finger turned red.

I’ve already mentioned this clip before in a previous post about Brian Joo’s humor. [5] But I want to mention it again, because it’s probably my favorite 100 Points Out Of 100 clip. It begins with a caption that says “Brian Vs Tony Ahn”. It’s soon revealed that this is an English battle. Tony starts out saying “What’s up girl.” while making a funny face. It’s pretty funny, but soon Brian dominates with “Oh my god! You are so ugly!” His hand motions and facial expressions make it 10x more funny. Brian’s act doesn’t end there, he just keeps going, getting more and more funny each second. In the end he plays a foreigner in Itaewon, who bumps into a Korean ahjumma.[6]

The last couple clips I want to share are of MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and BEAST’s Kikwang. Both are known to be pretty good dancers. Lee Joon graduated from the prestigious Seoul Arts High School, and Kikwang is the main dancer of his group and holds the title of “dance copy machine” on 100 Points Out Of 100. They participated in a dance battle where they had to repeat the actions of the dancer before, and also add a new part to the dance after. [7]

They also had an aegyo battle with the same concept of repeat and add as the dance battle. The best part of this one is at 0:04 when Kikwang is trying to remember what comes next, and he makes this face:

Pretty cute, no?

Also Lee Joon’s beat box, which appears to be broken, is pretty funny.

Brian Joo’s Amazing Humor

Brian Joo is a solo artist, previously of the duo “Fly To The Sky” which was on SM Entertainment. He’s also part of 3rd Wave Music, which I personally love a lot. He’s a really good singer, and a great person, but I wanted to point something else out: he has amazing humor. He does this, I don’t know, diva girl impression? What ever it is, it’s probably the best thing I’ve seen on variety shows since Jo Kwon’s kkab.

Besides the parts where Brian speaks English I don’t know what’s going on. However, I do know that the part at 2:20 is a “scenario of a foreigner, strolling in Itaewon, who suddenly bumps into a Korean ahjumma.” [1]

Brian and G.NA are both native English speakers, so they were asked to demonstrate their skill. The scenario is that they are arguing over a man. [2]

Some people thought what he did was racist or offensive, and Brian ended up apologizing. [3] I just think it’s funny, and he’s obviously not racist, some people just get offended to easily. I think that rather than live our lives trying not to offend people, we should instead, live without being offended. If we all stopped be offended over little things, we’d be so much more happy.

Also check out his new music video.